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Figthers Paradise!



:new:Hi! Im soooooo super sorry everyone! things has been running roughly slow around here and i am so deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
Submitting your art here will take some time getting to, so please be patient. And It would help out so much if everyone can submit their works into the correct folder.
And also I'm in need for helpers. If your are interested in becoming more then just a member please let me know. I'd looooove the help ^^:new:

:bulletyellow:This is the Spot where all your favorite
Video Game "Fighters" Loves to hang out and sip on a cooler!
Crack a joke or two and just simply relax.

:bulletyellow:You Like Fighting games?
Wanna see your favorite character at its best?
Come Join the
Fighters Paradise CLUB!

:bulletyellow:A Wide selection of Fighting games are at its peek!
And here's a list of just what to expect!

:bulletgreen:Street Fighter(Capcom)
:bulletgreen:King Of Fighters(SNK)
:bulletgreen:Dead Or Alive
:bulletblue:Mortal Kombat
:bulletgreen:Soul Calibur
:bulletblue:Virtua Fighter
:bulletgreen:Final Fantasy
:bulletblue:Guilty Gear
:bulletblue:Rival Schools
:bulletblue:Battle Arena Toshiden
:bulletpurple:Arcana Heart
:bulletgreen:Marvel Super Heros
:bulletblue:Power Stone
:bulletgreen:Dark Stalkers
:bulletblue:Samurai Shodown
:bulletgreen:Dragon Ball Z
:bulletpurple:Killer Instinct
:bulletpurple:Eternal Champions
:bulletblue:Rumble Roses
:bulletblue:Star Wars
:bulletblue:Dynasty Warriors
:bulletgreen:Super Smash Bros
:bulletgreen:Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
:bulletgreen: Assassin's Creed
:bulletgreen:Metal Gear

:bulletyellow:There's much more to include, but you get the Idea xD
All is Sooooo welcome!
Here's what you can also expect to see!

*Comic Strips
*News and Updates
:new:Original Characters are also welcome!
*Much more!

:new:And again, Original Characters(OC's) ARE welcome! Just as long as their with a familiar Character ^^

Rules: Im not gonna be as strict on the rules. Just stick to tactics, no Flamming, NO Spamming and...just be safe with what you Upload.
Other wise...GO CRAZY!

*I haven't decided how many art-works to post per-day. If the Club gets busy, i'' reconsider it xD

:devart:New Simple Rule! :devart:

:floating:PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ART-WORKS INTO THE RIGHT FOLDER:bulletred::bulletred:!:floating:
Doing this will help out alot! If you need help on deciding a spot for your work please feel free to ask ^^

We wanna see what you got! What you Know! AND see your Talent!

Have any Idea's to help boost-up the Fighters Paradise club?
please leave your feedback.
And thanks for your time ^^



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Sakura vs Shiina - Denjin Grapple by saikyoDRAGON
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Street Fighter

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Sakura vs Shiina - Denjin Grapple (wallpaper) by saikyoDRAGON

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Night Warriors Beat'Em-Up Player Select by NekoHybrid
Felicia and Jon: Last Train Home by NekoHybrid
Battle Jedahman by darkchapel666
Virtua Fighter
Akira Yuki VF2 Cosplay by IronCobraAM
Akira Yuki VF2 Cosplay No.2 by IronCobraAM
Elven series: Pai by SystemaRose
Jacky Bryant from VF by VirtuaAngel
Sephiroth by ferryo
Valhalla is calling me to be there by eddiehimselfstolemyu
Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 by sinho113
Snow Villiers - FF XIII - She's Always In My Heart by DashingTonyLima
Rival Schools
Rival Turf by darkchapel666
Tiffany Lords - 2015-07-04 by AEIFS

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Natsu Ayuhara by Darkness-Man

Mature Content

Natsu Ayuhara by Darkness-Man
King Of Fighters
40k Kiriban - Dweebenheimer by RunningWildArts
Terry Bogard Cosplay Collage by IronCobraAM
Terry Bogard Power Wave by IronCobraAM
Mai Sexy Waifu by RuiDX
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Jotaro Kujo (WhiteSuit) Cutout Render 2 by DeadlyPoisonBeauty
Jotaro Kujo (WhiteSuit) Cutout Render by DeadlyPoisonBeauty
Jotaro Kujo Wallpaper by DeadlyPoisonBeauty
Gintoki Sprites (Jojo Style) by TheGamerLover
Assassins Creed
juri rakintor style by rakintorworld
A Redead's Creed by Kairnain
Altair by S-k-y-F-r-e-e
The Templar Order by thingamajik
Dragon Ball
16 Candles by SilentSanctum
Vaudeville Parousia by darkchapel666
Dance Commander by darkchapel666
Hitomi Momiji Beach (View 1) by RadiantEld
Cloning Crysis 58 by Zapzzable100

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Whats Lovely? 17 by Zapzzable100
Fiend Huntress Rachel C2 by Zapzzable100
naruto and sora at the school by marcotx
Mito Uzumaki - Naruto by Abylaikhan
Hana Inuzuka - Naruto by Abylaikhan
Naruto - Where Will You Be? by SilverStarApple
Mortal Kombat
What You Doing? by Zapzzable100
Cassie Cage MK X by Zapzzable100
Take Earthrealm Back! by Zapzzable100
I Was Lost Without You My Princess by Zapzzable100
Battle Arena Toshinden
Toshinden 2  Tracy Sketch by transfuse by Kenkira
Pocket Eiji by LeTourbillonEnchanT
Pocket Ellis by LeTourbillonEnchanT
Ellis by Corpsefish
Bloody Roar

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Lovers Forever 2 by ArtistOtaku91
Dance of Love by ArtistOtaku91
Fox X Rabbit by ArtistOtaku91
Bloody Roar Gals by ArtistOtaku91
Ragnako and Rachel chillin' by ArtistOtaku91
Rabbit and Monkey by ArtistOtaku91
Azrael by ArtistOtaku91
Fave 21: Ragna the Bloodedge by ArtistOtaku91
Busty Mom Inoue Orihime by kiraDaidohji
A Scarf Within the Wind by Kairnain
Eternal Champions
Eternal champions Riptide 's  spring break. by himegirl15
Merman tyler Larcen. by himegirl15
Spring break: Shadow yamoto on the beach. by himegirl15
Eternal Champions: Mermaid Shadow yamoto. by himegirl15
Guilty Gear
Ino and Dizzy by ArtistOtaku91
Witch, Succubus, Elf, and Gear by ArtistOtaku91
Guilty Gear Halloween by ArtistOtaku91
Bridget by ArtistOtaku91
Samurai Shodown
Iroha By Kripas4 UPDATED by Kripas4
Iroha by Chromatic-Gus
Iroha from samurai shodown by BLISTERMETRAYAL
[Samurai Shodown] Nakoruru by Gengoro-Akemori
Rumble Roses

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Senior School Brawl - Shiina Slams Candy Cane by saikyoDRAGON
Reiko On The Ropes by DarKHunTeR91
Whatever It Takes - Reiko Hinomoto by DarKHunTeR91
Angel wings (alt veiw) by TinOmenOgre
Killer Instinct
Orchid - Render by KID3D
Black Orchid - Touch Me and I'll Break Your Face by AegisKHAOS
Spinal by EtriganSwamp
Kim-Wu by D2KPrime
Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors 8 - Da Qiao by Momoko122
Dynasty Warriors 8 - Xiao Qiao by Momoko122
Fazheng by BAK-Hanul
Kara Viola x Fa Zheng (request) by DeadlyPoisonBeauty
Lee Pace as Batman by MZimmer1985
Wonder Woman Cosplay Collage by IronCobraAM
Harley Quinn Cosplay Collage by IronCobraAM
The Joker Cosplay Collage by IronCobraAM
Paradise COMICS
S vs S page 4 by CristianoReina

Mature Content

S vs S page 5 by CristianoReina

Mature Content

S vs S page 6 by CristianoReina

Mature Content

S vs S page 7 by CristianoReina
Tatsunoko VS Capcom
Gift: Frank West by ZeroR102
Birdy Force by darkchapel666
Giorgio A. Tatsunokos by darkchapel666
Angel of Death by InfernalBlossom
Other Games
Commission: Pool Party Miss Fortune by martaino

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Don't Tease The Dog by RunningWildArts
Candice King as Amy Rose by MZimmer1985
Def Jam 4 Character Select screen by Tony-Antwonio
Can I Kiss The Ninja? by ChibiPyro
The Power Stones Returns by ChibiPyro
Power in the sky by ChibiPyro
Rouge's Ice Cream by ChibiPyro
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - EVA by PatrisB
Metal Gear Solid - Sniper Wolf by LadyDaniela89
Eva Cosplay - MGS3 Snake Eater by LadyDaniela89
Quiet MGSV by LadyDaniela89
Simon Belmont KOF XIII sprite by Nighteba
Simon Belmont by NemanjaVeselinovic
Castlevania : Alucard's day off. by himegirl15
Shanoa TEST by Kenshiro549
BABY OKAMI by LuisMonterieArt
Amaterasu ~ Okami by Gwenwhyvar
Amaterasu ~ Okami by Gwenwhyvar
Devil May Cry
LADY by ShinigamiRyuku
Dante and Nero - PSD Coloring. by MaryLander97
Les vacances de l'amour by AngelTrish
I will fill your dark soul with light by DanteDevilKnight
Resident Evil
Resident Evil-Desperate Escape 1 by Nabriales-D-Majestic
Jill Valentine-Biker girl in the night 3 by Nabriales-D-Majestic
Jill Valentine-Biker girl in the night 4 by Nabriales-D-Majestic
Resident Evil Goddesses 1 by Nabriales-D-Majestic
Left 4 Dead
Keep Calm and Kill Zombies by thingamajik
Tumblr Emoji Challenge - Smoker E9 by CyberII
L4D the Outbreak: Pre-infection by CyberII
Hard Landing by CyberII
Super Smash Bros



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nice group.
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Hey, does anyone here have a skype?

Cuz I have a fighting game group on it if you want to join
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How come there isn't a "Super Smash Bros." folder?
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Hello. Thank you for the accepting me!
I like to draw and play fighting games and action games.
I could like to know the fans oversea.:D (Big Grin) 
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Why isn't there a Smash Bros folder?
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Because no one ever suggested. But you are the first! So I will add smash bros into the gallery ^^
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