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Figthers Paradise!



:new:Hi! Im soooooo super sorry everyone! things has been running roughly slow around here and i am so deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
Submitting your art here will take some time getting to, so please be patient. And It would help out so much if everyone can submit their works into the correct folder.
And also I'm in need for helpers. If your are interested in becoming more then just a member please let me know. I'd looooove the help ^^:new:

:bulletyellow:This is the Spot where all your favorite
Video Game "Fighters" Loves to hang out and sip on a cooler!
Crack a joke or two and just simply relax.

:bulletyellow:You Like Fighting games?
Wanna see your favorite character at its best?
Come Join the
Fighters Paradise CLUB!

:bulletyellow:A Wide selection of Fighting games are at its peek!
And here's a list of just what to expect!

:bulletgreen:Street Fighter(Capcom)
:bulletgreen:King Of Fighters(SNK)
:bulletgreen:Dead Or Alive
:bulletblue:Mortal Kombat
:bulletgreen:Soul Calibur
:bulletblue:Virtua Fighter
:bulletgreen:Final Fantasy
:bulletblue:Guilty Gear
:bulletblue:Rival Schools
:bulletblue:Battle Arena Toshiden
:bulletpurple:Arcana Heart
:bulletgreen:Marvel Super Heros
:bulletblue:Power Stone
:bulletgreen:Dark Stalkers
:bulletblue:Samurai Shodown
:bulletgreen:Dragon Ball Z
:bulletpurple:Killer Instinct
:bulletpurple:Eternal Champions
:bulletblue:Rumble Roses
:bulletblue:Star Wars
:bulletblue:Dynasty Warriors
:bulletgreen:Super Smash Bros
:bulletgreen:Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
:bulletgreen: Assassin's Creed
:bulletgreen:Metal Gear

:bulletyellow:There's much more to include, but you get the Idea xD
All is Sooooo welcome!
Here's what you can also expect to see!

*Comic Strips
*News and Updates
:new:Original Characters are also welcome!
*Much more!

:new:And again, Original Characters(OC's) ARE welcome! Just as long as their with a familiar Character ^^

Rules: Im not gonna be as strict on the rules. Just stick to tactics, no Flamming, NO Spamming and...just be safe with what you Upload.
Other wise...GO CRAZY!

*I haven't decided how many art-works to post per-day. If the Club gets busy, i'' reconsider it xD

:devart:New Simple Rule! :devart:

:floating:PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ART-WORKS INTO THE RIGHT FOLDER:bulletred::bulletred:!:floating:
Doing this will help out alot! If you need help on deciding a spot for your work please feel free to ask ^^

We wanna see what you got! What you Know! AND see your Talent!

Have any Idea's to help boost-up the Fighters Paradise club?
please leave your feedback.
And thanks for your time ^^



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Newest Members

I'd thought I'd let everyone know that there are new folders now available for submitting!
Here they are!

:bulletgreen: Over Watch
:bulletgreen: Power Stones
:bulletgreen: SkullGirls

If anyone has any suggestions for new game folders, please let me know through the comments below ^^
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Kolin by ashg-linkin
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Mature Content

Sailor Fuku fighters Sakura and Shiina - wallpaper by saikyoDRAGON
BLAZIN!!! by Joel1122334455
Cyber-Solution by Joel1122334455
Dirt Can Come Again by Joel1122334455
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Soul Calibur
Seong Mi-Na by MiguelChoi
Soul Calibur - Sophitia Alexandra by Femmes-Fatales
Zasalamel - L'Appel du Vide by MiguelChoi
Chai Xianghua - Lotus by MiguelChoi
Valentine 2017 by NekoHybrid
Morrigan - Darkstalkers by Mick-cortes

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Felicia cat Scratch by Manicomio19
Fem Jedah X Lilith by ArtistOtaku91
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter Sarah Bryant Leopard Greaves by TekkenStreetFighter
Spec Ops Vanessa(Updated) by Zapzzable100
Akira Yuki Cosplay Collage by IronCobraAM
Virtua Fighter - Pai Chan by Femmes-Fatales
Elevator Doors by Joel1122334455

Mature Content

Lightning - NSFW on Patreon by evandromenezes
ffX Tidus Wallpaper (Request) by DeadlyPoisonBeauty
Cloud Strife cross stitch by DIRTYBAD96
Rival Schools
My Top 3 by Zapzzable100
Christmas List Check-Up by StealthNinja5
(RIN) Master Suzune 2 by Zapzzable100
Master Suzune (RIN) by Zapzzable100
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The Ice Doll by zerodark3
KOFXIV - Athena Asamiya by zerodark3
Mai Shiranui - beach time by KID3D
You are my Valentine by ShadowxSiegfried
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Tomoko Higashikata Wallpaper 3 by DeadlyPoisonBeauty
Assassins Creed
A Redead's Creed by Kairnain
Honoka Will Save You... by Joel1122334455
Empty Classroom by Joel1122334455
Overwatch: Zarya and Symmetra Chinese New Year by OUC
Mortal Kombat

Mature Content

Kiss of Death by Joel1122334455
Battle Arena Toshinden
Toshinden 2  Tracy Sketch by transfuse by Kenkira
Bloody Roar
Yugo the Wolf. by dcb2art
Nightmare Serenade by CyberII
Rangiku Matsumoto. by dcb2art
Eternal Champions
Eternal champions Female Midknight by himegirl15
Guilty Gear
Jack-O Valentine by Yukimaru-kun
Samurai Shodown
No Such Thing As Too Much ChamCham by RunningWildArts
Rumble Roses
Aigle! The Nomad by ailcross
Killer Instinct
Killer Friendship: Countess Colura-Mira by Brother-Orin
Cross Overs
Stayin' Stubborn by Joel1122334455
Dynasty Warriors
Sun Ce (DW7) by DIRTYBAD96
Injustice 2: Harley Quinn by MK-Dragon
Paradise COMICS
Stingray - page 3 by CristianoReina
Tatsunoko VS Capcom

Mature Content

Frank West by Freddy-Kun-11
Other Games
Non-Scientic Situation by Joel1122334455
Capcom Cats Annie Greene by NekoHybrid
Metal Gear Solid
Outer Raiden 2 by tiagofm93
Symphony Of The Kid by darkchapel666
Devil May Cry
Happy Valentine's Day .: Dante et Trish :. by AngelTrish
Resident Evil
Suspect in Custody by Joel1122334455
Left 4 Dead
Elegancy as Present by Joel1122334455
Power Stone Tales Of Sora by ChibiPyro
Fist of the North Star
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Avdol! by Leo-Syron



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